I’m in the process of developing a comic-based website at www.modernhooker.com, which will feature the comics more prominently, and combine the best parts of this blog and the old Chinese-menu looking website.  In the meantime, I just created a new page called, “Comics”  which will be really handy to show off my, uhm, comics.

I’ve also been working on creating storyboards for three different graphic novels simultaneously.  I’m hoping to be able to have at least one done by the Phoenix Comic Con in May, so wish me luck ;)    There’s some guys in LA and some other guys in NY that are talking to me about publishing, so we’ll see what happens.  I’d really like to take a stab at self-publishing first because I’m too much of a control freak.

On the Comics page, click on each strip’s title page, and you’ll be directed offsite to a slide show.   Please forgive the quality of some of the comics – I’m working out the fuzzy/resolution issues inherent when changing from one medium to another, and it’s basically like trying to solve a quantum physics problem while watching t.v., talking on the phone and giving a blow job all at the same time.

Sweet Sorrow

“Modern Hooker” the comic strip will no longer be publishing on Carnal Nation.  I’m grateful for the opportunities that being published on CN has afforded the strip, and special love goes out to my editors, Chris and Teresa.   I’m exploring a couple of opportunities to create a series of graphic novels featuring MH, but I won’t be doing weekly strips for awhile.   The comic has been a great vehicle for my own activism, in getting the message of the SW rights movement out there, normalizing the industry and the people in it, and exposing the risks and dangers inherent in a system in which the government is compelled to interfere in the fundamental rights of private citizens under the guise of protecting morality.  Just as with abortion, gay rights, and being able to pee standing up, adults should be able to make their own choices when it comes to what they do with their bodies and how they choose to express their sexuality.   But, I digress…

It’s been a ton of fun, but now it’s time to go in a different direction, and new beginnings are always a good thing.  Thank you to everyone out there for your amazing love and support!

Here’s the last one.



Enjoy Your Stay!


Meet My Hoo-Haw



“Machinations” explores the pitfalls of setting up a doubles appointment for a client.  There’s often a multitude of emails and phone calls getting all the details in place, and locating another girl who agrees to the terms of the session and her fee.  A major pain, but the payoff is that the work is split in half and is often alotta fun.

Also, this week’s strip on Carnal Nation puts names to a few familiar characters who’ve appeared in the strip in the past.  Lucy approaches sex work from a holistic, tantric viewpoint, and like many of us, does sex work to support her various art projects.   Kaitlin is the prototypical college co-ed – young, pretty, and supplementing what her daddy doesn’t give her for various college expenses (clothes, partying, books, etc.)   In future strips, we’ll learn more about Rudy, an overweight yet in-your-face sex worker, and Barb, a sw who probably should have retired about 10 years ago, but never managed to put together either enough money to completely retire or amass any particular skill set to return to the general workforce.  Beauty fades, as do friendships, lovers and memories of a better time!  Enjoy this week’s strip :)


The Request

The latest from the Sunday Comics at Carnal Nation (@carnalnation on Twitter).   Enjoy!




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