Modern Hooker is a sex worker rights activist, blogger, writer, cheap thrill seeker, and random comic.



12 thoughts on “About

  1. I just noticed your “pimp” character was black. After your comments about unfair stereotypes on MTSS, I am completely surprised to see other stereotype being perpetuated here. I really hope you accept both my comments on your blog today, and respond to at least this one.

  2. ModernHooker,
    Perfect! Then you can explain how the comment on MTSS advocated/suggested violence. The term used there was dead, as in deceased, and there was nothing contextually or implicitly that I could see that implied violence. While I can accept that you write your comic from your perspective, you do make assumptions about your audience, for example that they will not imply racism simply because you have a single pimp character, who is black, and that character is introduced with no context to explain why the decision was made to have the character be black. There is certainly, I think, the possibility that someone could perceice a stereotype about “pimps are black” as being perpetuated here.

  3. What really sucks is I feel like I could really enjoy your stuff and appreciate your message, but now I don’t feel like I can due to your behavior at MTSS.

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