The Trick Report

Source:  The polling archives on The Erotic Review, compiled by Modern Hooker, January, 2008.  Updated April, 2009.

75% are  white collar
65% are Caucasian; 17% are Asian; 6% are Black; 5% are Hispanic; 5% are Other
62% are currently employed
61% own their own home
50% have no children; 20% have 2
50% are single; 49% are married
44% have a Bachelors degree; 38% have a masters or PhD
29% are 31-40 years old; 23% are 41-50; 22% are 22-30; 6% are either 18-21 or 51+
41% have been been married at least once; 38% have never been
40% have an annual income in excess of $100,000; 16% have $61-$80k, 15% make $41k – $60k, and 13% make either $25-$40k or over $100k
31% consider themselves middle of the road politically; 30% right wing; 19% left wing

92% have never been arrested for solicitation
71% do not watch Nascar
67% say a provider has never broken their heart; 32% say one has
66% spend up to $500 per month on escorts; 24% between $500-$1000; 5% between $1000-$2000, and 4% spend in excess of $2000 per month
55% say they would marry an active provider
49% believe seeing providers raise their self esteem
49% will be spending Valentines Day with their SO; 27% will be alone
49% rate their own appearance as 7-8; 30% as a 5-6; 11% as a 9-10
42% like online chatting
27% were jocks in high school, 26% ran with the cool kids, and 25% were nerds

67% would not tell their 18+ yr old son about TER
65% would say nothing if they found out their father was a TER member

Significant Other
76% would have a session with their SO and a provider if the SO would go for it
68% would not leave their SO if they found out she had been a provider
67% say if they were caught with a provider it would end the relationship
66% have never been caught cheating by their SO; 17% almost; 15% have been
56% think seeing a provider is cheating on their SO; 43% say no
56% got married because they fell in love, 23% have never been married
45% think the chances of finding a bisexual wife cool with the husband’s hobby are zero
41% are happy with their SO relationship; 25% are not; 33% are single
40% were married when they had their first escort encounter
37% rate their SO’s sexual performance as 6-nice time; 26% as 8-went the extra mile; 8% as 4-she just laid there; 11% as 10-once in a lifetime; and 5% as 1-a total ripoff
31% are intimate with their SO 1-4 times per month; 18% 5-10 times per month
30% would dump SO if found out they were seeing a male escort and 20% would confront her

The Hobbyist, General
79% are circumcised
69% are non smokers
40% drink rarely/socially; 27% drink a few times a week
37% describe their bodies as athletic; 25% as average

The Hobby
72% would not tell their friends they’re in the hobby
60% spend 0-500 a month; 24% 500-1000 a month
53% were 18-29 y/o when they had their first escort
52% see providers once a month; 36% see 2-3 per month; 8% 4-5 times per month, and 2% 5-7 times a month.  Nobody admits to seeing an escort more than 7 times per month.
25% have been in the hobby over 10 years; 22% less than 12 months; 21% 3-5 years; 20% 1-2 years

The Hobbyist, Sexual Attitudes & Preferences
86% have never caught an STD from a provider
82% never had a strap on used on them
78% consider themselves addicted to sex
75% say they have had sex in a public place
63% have never used Viagra; 20% say sometimes
62% believe in love at first sight
61% would leave the hobby if they found true love
59% are worried about catching an STD; 30% somewhat
56% say they have never had an STD
50% have never been tested for STDs; 29% get tested once a year
50% have sex 0-1 a week; 27% 2-3 times a week
48% masturbate daily; 28% do it every couple of days
47% say the longest time they had non stop sex was 1-3 hours
45% say the three words they most commonly say after sex is “did you cum?”
42% consider themselves a true lover; 32% consider themselves amateurs
38% rate themselves as a 7-8 in sexual performance; 26% as a 5-6; 20% as a 9-10
37% are not interested in BDSM; 28% a little interested; 17% very interested
30% wish they had sex with their secretary; 29% already have
24% were between 14-18 when they lost their virginity

Attitudes Toward Escorts, General
90% prefer an independent over agency girl
85% searches TER reviews before seeing a girl
79% would date a provider
69%  say knowing a girl has children would not them less interested in seeing her
49% would not see a provider who smokes; 30% don’t care
43% have seen under 10 internet providers in their life; 30% have seen 10-25; 15% have seen 25-60
42%  would see a goth girl
38% have fallen in love with a provider

Attitudes Towards Escorts, Physical
68% don’t care if the provider is married or not
63% prefer a girl younger than themselves; 15% say any age; 10% say older; 9% say same age as themselves
58% say body is more important than the way the face looks
58% do not like breast implants
49% prefers looks, 33% prefer personality, 13% prefer charm
49% prefer a bald pussy; 25% prefer a mohawk; 18% a triangle; asked another time, 44% say partially shaved; 41% say totally shaved; 14% natural
47% prefer DATY to be with a white; 27% asian; 13% hispanic; 10% african american
47% prefer the provider does not have body piercings; 30% like them
47% say their favorite eye color is blue; 31% green; 13% brown
40% wished they had but did not leave when first meeting a provider; 39% have walked away
38% prefer blondes; 21% prefer redheads or black; 18% like brunettes
37% prefer an athletic body; 25% prefer an average body; 18% thin; 9% baby fat; 9% large
27% prefer ages 22-25; 23% like 18-21; 20% ages 25-30; 18% like them 30+; 10% don’t care

Escort sessions, General
80% prefer weekdays to weekend sessions
80% do not lie when telling an escort about their personal lives
78% would see a provider who screens
78% have never used drugs during a session
71% would go ahead with the session if the provider showed up and was their best friend’s wife; and 13% would run
71% have never had an overnight session with a provider
67% schedule 1 hour sessions; 19% for 2 hours; 7% for 30 minutes
64% will leave 2-3 voicemails or emails without getting a response before giving up; 29% will leave 1
56% have had bareback full service from a provider; 43% have not
56% would drive 25 miles for a date, 19% would drive 25 miles
53% never brings flowers or gifts to their ATF
49%  have had a doubles session
47% prefers school girl costume above all others
46% would be into have the session videotaped
46% will see providers without any reviews; 39% would not
46% prefer initial contact to be by phone; 37% prefer email; 16% doesn’t matter
43% see a provider 2-3 times; 23% will see her just once; 13% will see her either 4-5 times or more than 10
35% want a hug when greeted at the door, 31% want a kiss
32% prefer afternoon sessions; 25% evening; 19% night; 12% morning
31% say the max they’ll pay for a session is 300; 21% say 400+; 19% max out at 200; 14% max out at 250
29% want her dressed up in lingerie for a date, 27% in jeans/casual, 19% in a cocktail dress

Escort Sessions, Sexual
89% prefer BBBJ over CBJ at 9%, 1% doesn’t want a blowjob at all
83% say sex is more important than companionship when seeing a provider
76% would kiss a provider with tongue; 11% would just give a peck
70% prefer GFE over PSE sessions
68% see escorts because they’re horny; 11% lonely; 10% bored
67% prefer escort; 26% prefer massage; 7% prefer SM
64% prefer foreplay before sex; 29% prefer massage, 6% want to get straight to it
63% say a GFE session is a must have; 29% say its somewhat important; 6% just want to get laid
60% prefer a provider who gives a 10 type of performance and has a 5 for looks; 30% prefer looks over performance
58% like to give facials; 16% want to try
55% always try to make the provider cum; 28% try sometimes; 13% don’t care
55% want a girl to be submissive during an encounter
52% say the portion of time they’re allowed to CIM with a BBBJ is less than 25% of the time
50% prefer provider offered anal; 29% said sometimes
46% say the typically go 2 pops with a girl; 39% say 1 pop
42% will DATY on a provider; 30% will do it sometimes
41% think its sexiest watching a girl play with herself; 26% say when she walks around naked
38% prefer to finish doggie; 30% with a BJ; 20% mish
37% say their favorite position is doggie; 29% say cowgirl; 16% missionary; 11% RCG
36% truly believe they made her cum; 34% say she did; 29% are not sure

Review Process
63% submit reviews to escort review sites
52% put “a lot” of weight on the reviewer’s history when looking at a review
35% will rarely submit a review; 27% frequently do so; 27% never do so; when asked another time, 27% say they always review; 25% say they review 1 out of every 3; 25% say they never review


11 thoughts on “The Trick Report

  1. MH, wow, how did you get the time to put this together? How long did it take you? It would be really interesting to take these demographics and compare them to other industries.

  2. Maxine, I don’t really remember how long it took, but it was all so interesting to me, time just flew by:) Yes, it would be interesting to compare. Thanks for your comment!

  3. I did not survey anyone. I merely compiled the results of the archived polls featured on The Erotic Review (see the top of the post for the link.)

    So it goes without saying, this isn’t a scientific poll. It’s hobbyists self-reporting in an anonymous poll. For what it’s worth!

  4. Hi there
    I’m confused about some of the acronyms.
    TER is obviously The Erotic Review.
    What’s DATY
    SO is obviously Significant Other.
    The Hobby is visiting sex workers
    The provider is the sex worker him/herself.
    BBBJ — is that bareback blowjob?
    Then CBJ is Condom blowjob?
    and what could CIM be?
    I have no idea what this could mean: 52% say the portion of time they’re allowed to CIM with a BBBJ is less than 25% of the time.
    What does this mean? 70% prefer GFE over PSE sessions
    And what is an ATF?
    What does it mean: xx% would see a provider who screens?
    Sorry to be so ignorant. I loved the survey. Fascinating. Thanks so much for doing it.
    Me: I’m 41, first visited a sex worker when I was 40. I was married at the time, (still am); two kids. She gave me a hand-job.
    Don’t *really* see it as cheating. My wife has used a strapon with me once. I’d like to do it again. With a provider or my wife.
    I would totally into filming / photographing the encounter.
    I would go ahead if the provider turned out to be somebody I knew. I’d probably enjoy it even more, actually.
    I’m not addicted to sex and I lost my virginity at the age of 21 or 22.

    The reason I do it is I’m horny. I have sex with my wife 1-2 times a month.

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